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A Chinese Woman Majors in Accounting at the University of Wyoming

During my recent visit to the University of Wyoming, I met a woman from Suzhou, China, chattering away in Mandarin with a friend.  I had learned that there were significant numbers of international students on the campus.  In fact, my tour guide that day was from Zimbabwe.

But I wanted to learn a bit more about how this woman made her decision to attend the University of Wyoming.  Below she explains.

I was impressed by two points she makes.  First, accounting is accounting is accounting:  it doesn’t really matter all that much where you study accounting, as long as you learn the principles of accounting and are able to use those skills.  So this woman chose her university based more on location, the price, and the general safety of the campus-factors that were most important to her and her family.

Second, this emphasis on price is especially important for international students, who may be unable to apply for financial aid.  So international students often are keenly aware of the value of their education.  The University of Wyoming offers an outstanding value in this respect, as another Wyoming student pointed out to me in an interview.

Mark Montgomery

College Consultant

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