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Admissions Anxiety

As the January admissions deadlines roll by, high school seniors are now starting to feel anxious.

As if the whole past year of selecting colleges and filling out applications wasn’t enough. Now seniors have to try to relax as admissions officers across the country decide their fate: admitted, denied, or (gasp!) wait listed.

An article in today’s New York Times explores this anxiety. The admissions process is described as “nutty” “a nightmare.” And it is, for everyone involved.

The article focuses on Connecticut and various college and universities in that state, including Quinnipiac, Fairfield, University of Connecticut-Storrs, and Yale. But the dynamics of the admissions process on both sides of the admissions desk remain the same all over the country.

That is why so many more parents are turning to professional, independent educational consultants to help them through this harrowing process.

Mark Montgomery
Montgomery Educational Consulting

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