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Admissions Decisions and Next Steps: Rejection Letters

By now, most colleges have sent out their admissions decisions. For some students, making the final decision on where to attend is the most difficult part.  Over the next three days, we will exam how to handle each type of admissions decision.  What are the next steps and how do you determine the best way to move forward?

First let’s look at the schools you were not admitted to.

We regret to inform you…

  • The reality of the rejection letter: You may have  received the decision you were dreading, the rejection letter.  Your first thought may be, “Is this the final decision?”  In most cases, yes it is.  Some schools will allow you appeal your decision, but this is very rare and a school will usually only change their decision if there has been some unforeseen error (like the wrong transcript was placed in your file).
  • Think about transferring.  If you heart was absolutely set on one school, then I would encourage you to pursue the transfer process.  My previous post on the transfer process should give you some insight on how the process works.  Definitely call and connect with the transfer admission counselor at the school you have been rejected from.  Ask for feedback on your application.  Where there certain academic areas you need to improve on?  Was testing a huge concern?  Is testing still considered in the transfer process?  Can you transfer for the spring term or do you need to wait a full year?  For some highly competitive institutions, the transfer process may be more competitive than the first year process, but for most institutions, the transfer process is very different.
Being rejected from your top choice school can be very difficult, but hopefully you can move on and focus on the other amazing opportunities available to you.
Tomorrow we will look wait listed decisions.
Katherine Price
Senior Associate

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