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Applications to Public Colleges Surge, While Private Colleges Freeze Tuition

The New York Times has an article today about the surge in applications from bargain hunting applicants.

Also today, Inside Higher Ed has posted an article about private colleges freezing, lowering, or at least drastically reducing  tuition increases in a bid to hang on to current students and attract new ones.

The down economy is making it tough for colleges and universities to plan. Their enrollment models are based on past averages and historical data. But all that past experience has to be thrown out the window.

It’s an interesting year, that’s for sure.

Mark Montgomery
Independent College Consultant

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  1. You’re right, Matt, that there are quite a few counter- examples, as you point out. And some colleges are, indeed, raising tuition despite the economic downturn. In most cases, however, the tuition increases are smaller than in past years. And when they’re not small (Stanford?) it doesn’t really matter, because the demand for certain colleges and universities will always outstrip the number of beds available on those campuses.
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