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Applications to Harvard pass the 29,000 mark

The Yale Daily News reports that over 26,000 high school seniors applied for admission to Yale. Applications to Harvard have passed the 29,000 mark. So once again, each will accept less than 10% of their applicants. Harvard will probably accept between 7 and 8%.

Not great odds. And yet, the odds have never been that great at Harvard and Yale.

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  1. Does it help to get accepted to an Ivy League school if you attened a Pre College program that the Ivy League schools offer?


  2. John,
    Thanks for the question. The answer is, it can’t hurt but it doesn’t necessarily help. There is no guarantee that it will get the student into that college. One benefit of having your student attend such a program is that they become more comfortable on a campus, they can become a bit more savvy about judging a college’s resources. Furthermore, the student becomes more academically prepared for college work–and increases their chances of success when they get to college. Therefore I would advise your student to pick an academic enrichment program that fits closely with his or her academic interests, rather than picking the program because it is located on a particular campus. The Ivies will be interested to see the passion, the commitment, and the academic curiosity–rather than the fact of having spent a summer on that campus.
    I hope this is helpful; let me know if I can be of further assistance.

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