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Artist Portfolio Review at National Portfolio Day

My clients who aspire toward a career in fine art know that they need to prepare a portfolio of their work to present to admissions officers.  These portfolios need to show off their best work, and provide a window into their creative thought processes.

Most students interested in admission to a school of art and design participate in one of nearly 50 different National Portfolio Day events around the country.  Admissions officers from accredited art schools gather to meet with students and offer advice and constructive criticism on how to construct their portfolios.  Admissions officers also get an opportunity to meet with potential recruits and tell them about their school.  Students also have an opportunity to learn more about the programs and schools that may interest them.  (For see my post about National Portfolio Day here).

My clients ask, “what is a portfolio review like?”

So I took my camera to a recent National Portfolio Day event and asked both admissions officers and students if they would allow me to film the experience and share it with others.  Jon Nutting, an admissions counselor at the Art Institute of Boston, readily agreed.  And an aspiring artist named Sarah from Firestone, Colorado, was more than happy to share her experience with my clients–and with you.

As you can see, Mr. Nutting’s comments are both encouraging and constructive.  He offers personalized advice on how to improve her portfolio to give admissions and scholarship panels more information about her artistic talent and the way she approaches different sorts of projects and ideas.

Mark Montgomery

College Consulting

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