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Bowdoin College Eliminates Loans from Financial Aid Packages

Bowdoin College announced that it has joined the ranks of colleges that have eliminated loans from their financial aid packages. These loans are being replaced by outright grants (or need-based scholarships) to its current and incoming students. It is the first college with an endowment of under $1 billion.Bowdoin Hubbard Hall

Others that have made similar announcements are Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Williams, Pomona, Amherst, and Swarthmore. Both Haverford and Davidson have announced similar plans.

This should be good news for middle income families who would like to see their kids attend prestigious eastern universities. I predict many more universities will follow suit in the coming weeks and months.

Mark Montgomery
Montgomery Educational Consulting

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  1. Hurray for Bowdoin. Makes a fella proud to be a Polar Bear. They also have a no grade system, although it is no grade lite, as H, H+, HH are sort of stand-ins for a grading system. I mean you can’t have cums, magnas and summas without a grading system, and Bowdoin’s got ’em.

  2. Michael Howe, your statement about Bowdoin’s grading system hasn’t been true since 1991. In 1991 they went back to ABCDF. In 2002, they reinstituted pluses and minuses.

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