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California State Universities Could Lose One Billion Dollars

According to the LA Times, in an effort to balance the California State budget, newly elected Governor Jerry Brown, has suggested cutting one billion dollars from the California state schools.

$500,000 would be taken from the University of California (UC’s) system (nine universities including UCLA, Berkeley and UCSD) and the other half would be cut from the California State Universities, of which there are 23.

“Typically, cuts of that scope translate into increased fees and reduced enrollment.  Brown would shrink funding for the Cal State system by 18%.  Cal State Chancellor Charles B. Reed said that would “have serious impacts on the state’s economy, limit access for students seeking entrance into our universities, and restrict classes and services for our current students.”

Which begs the question, how cannot this not impact future students?   Have the California public universities lost their luster?

It might be time for some students to consider some of the many fine private colleges scattered around the state. Many of which offer smaller class sizes and with merit aid.  In in the next series of blogs, we’ll be looking at private California colleges with a public college price.

Juliet Giglio

Educational Consultant in California

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  1. Juliet,
    With budget conditions being what they are in all states, should students specifically look away from all public schools and look towards private schools instead?

  2. Bill,
    My sense is that students should look for the schools that match. For some kids, public schools will still be the best option, despite the budget cuts. But for many kids–even those who need hefty amounts of financial aid–a private school may be the better way to go. I do think that it does make sense to steer away from public universities outside your own state, unless there is some compelling reason to do so (e.g., a very specific major you must have does not exist in your state). You will pay a hefty tuition premium for going outside your own state, and the qualitative difference between (say) the University of Wisconsin and the University of Washington just isn’t that great (the biggest differences will be geographical, not educational).
    Hope that helps. Let us know if you have more questions.

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