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Carnival of College Admissions, 4th Edition

Greetings, and welcome to the latest edition of the Carnival of College Admissions. I’m delighted to host this week’s compendium of news and opinion from the blogosphere.Ferris Wheel

This Carnival originated at, and very likely will have a long and healthy existence as your weekly round up of expertise on the college admissions process. We invite bloggers to submit their posts by Tuesday of each week, and the Carnival goes live on Wednesday. You can easily post your submissions using this handy-dandy web form.

And now for this week’s postings.

Todd at College Admissions Partners offers an interesting post about legacy admissions, asking whether playing up your connections is a good strategy.

Our friends at Step into College provide some useful information about applying to–and attending–colleges in other countries.

David over at Select Courses has an interesting report to help decipher the mysteries of financial aid.

The folks at Life Money Development have created a list of the seven essential attributes of leaders, no matter what the field.

The authors of give us some tips on smoothing the transition for special education students as they move into the adulthood, including the college environment.

Folks at have a post on the Top 10 math and science courses that are offered online.

The Free College blog presents the view that the student loan crunch is getting tighter.

I also humbly submit my own post from Great College Advice on changes to the way in which US News & World Report will calculate its college rankings.

Thanks to everyone who submitted articles for this week’s Carnival of College Admission. Please promote the carnival among your peers. See you next week!

Mark Montgomery
Great College Advice
Montgomery Educational Consulting

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  1. Many thanks for selecting our post on applying to college in other countries. We plan to make a series of postings on this – I went to college in England and Sandra studied for her degree in Ireland, so we know first-hand how different the education systems are in those countries.

  2. Thanks for hosting this weeks carnival as well as all of the good info on your site. The carnival is a great way to help get students the information they need to find the right college.


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