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College Consulting and the Denver Gap Year Fair

The Denver Gap Year Fair is coming on February 6th, from 1 to 4 p.m. at Denver Academy.  Click here for a PDF flyer announcing the Gap Year Fair.

Why would a college counselor in Denver be interested in gap year (besides the fact that I’d love to take a gap year myself!)?

More and more of our clients are considering taking a year off between high school and college to engage in some sort of experience or activity that will allow them to get of the academic treadmill, reflect on their priorities, learn new skills, gain renewed direction for possible careers, and perhaps give back to their community.

Gap Year Fairs are great ways for students and their parents to get a thorough introduction to the wide range of programs available to help you structure your Gap Year experience.

I will be attending the fair, and will likely see quite a few of my students there–investigating the possibilities for taking a year off between high school and college.

Mark Montgomery
College Consultant in Denver


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  1. Hi, Marco. You should be fine. You’ll need to be efficient, because there are plenty of vendors. But take advantage of this great opportunity!
    Best regards.

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