College Transfer Student Recommends Cara Ray As An Educational Consultant

At Montgomery Educational Consulting we assist all types of students, whether they are applying to college for the first time or as a transfer student from another college.

A transfer student from the East Coast recently received assistance from Senior Associate Educational Consultant Cara Ray when looking to transfer out to Colorado. Here is his testimonial:

“I really do not think I would have gotten into University of Colorado Boulder…without the help of Cara Ray. She has an abundance of knowledge about what colleges want to see and what the proper steps to take are in order to be successful. Cara is also willing to go out of her way to make sure that you get all of the help you need. I was nervous about whether or not I would get into CU, but the first time I met with Cara I knew I was in good hands. I have worked with education consultants before and she is by far the best. She knows how to get things done in a timely manner and to the best of your ability. I strongly recommend Cara as an education consultant.”

– G.F., New Jersey

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Mark is a leading educational consultant. His experience as a professor, college administrator, and youth mentor help him guide students from around the country and around the world.

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