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High School Stress, College Admission, and the Race to Nowhere

I had a great conversation with a very down-to-earth mother of a client this morning. She was communicating her frustration that her high school aged children were stressed out, worried, and feeling over-programmed.

She also recommended looking at a film called ““Race to Nowhere”. I looked at the trailer, and I can’t wait to get my hands on the film or to schedule a screening.

As a parent and as a college counselor, I can tell you that these trends highlighted in the film are very real.

Have a look a the trailer and let me know what you think.  I especially want to hear from students!

Mark Montgomery
Educational Consultant



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  1. Mark-
    Thanks for writing about the film. We expect a screening this winter in the DC area and hope you will join us. DVDs and our facilitation guide will be available by March.
    Our video op-ed on Advanced Placement exams will be run by the NY Times shortly.

    What is some advice you share with students and parents to take the pressure off?


  2. Thanks for the information, Vicki. Let me know when there is a screening in Denver, or if I can help you set up a few.


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