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Resources for International Students

The decision to study in the U.S. when you are from another country can be daunting. There are many questions to consider.

–       What type of degree do I want to obtain?

–       What kind of school do I want to attend?

–       Where do I want to attend school?

–       What materials do I need to apply?

–       How will I pay for my education?

We can help you answer all these questions.  For our international clients, we help find the right college for you, streamline the application process, and navigate immigration procedures.

To help you better understand how the university application process works in the United States, we offer this brief guide.

Click on the links below to learn more.

–       Introduction to American Higher Education

–       Choosing the Right College or University

–       Challenges in the Application Process

–       Financial Aid

–       Immigration Matters

–       Note to Graduate School Applicants

–       Role of an Educational Consultant

–       Terms and Definitions for International Students

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