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Ithaca College: A Large Private College with Small College Perks

If you’re looking for a great mid size private college with the perks of a larger school, consider ITHACA COLLEGE in upstate New York.

With 6400 undergrads, it’s much larger than many of the small liberal arts colleges (think- 1500 undergrads) but its average class size is still an intimate 17.

While it is a private college and the total cost of attendance is $48,000 (including tuition, room and board), it’s worth noting that 90% of the students receive some kind of aid.  Which means that only 10% of the study body is actually paying $48,000.

According to Admissions, the average grant (ie, money you don’t have to pay back) an Ithaca student receives is $14,000.  These grants are both merit and need based.

There are five “schools” to which an undergrad can apply to at Ithaca:

  1. School of Business
  2. Park School of Communications
  3. Health Sciences and Human Performance
  4. Humanities and Sciences
  5. Music

Other great aspects of Ithaca include:

  • The undergrad business school uses the same software that’s used by the NY stock exchange.  Thanks to a generous alumni donation, students even use real money in their trading.
  • The Parks Communication School ranks at the top of all communication schools.
  • At Parks, there’s a new major:  Emerging Media.
  • Eleven of the buildings are connected by hallways and tunnels so you can avoid the cold.
  • Doing your laundry is FREE.

Juliet Giglio

Educational Consultant in Syracuse, New York

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