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Juliet Giglio Joins Montgomery Educational Consulting, Heads California Office

Juliet AiresMontgomery Educational Consulting is pleased to announce that Juliet Giglio, M.F.A. has become a Senior Associate with the firm and will head up the Los Angeles office.

Juliet is an Ivy League graduate who knows how to turn an academic experience into a performing arts career.  A professional screenwriter and member of the Writers Guild of America for over 15 years, Juliet is excited about working in college counseling and helping students realize their dreams of education and the arts.

Juliet has a College Counseling Certificate from UCLA, where she learned every aspect of the college admissions process.  She received her M.F.A. from NYU film school and her B.A. from Dartmouth College.

Prior to her foray into college counseling, Juliet was a professional screenwriter for major film studios and television networks including Walt Disney, Universal, Warner Brothers, ABC and Disney Channel.  She wrote scripts for Bruce Willis, Bette Midler, Chevy Chase and other stars.  She often mentored college students and helped them find internships and jobs in the film industry.

Rounding out her arts experience, Juliet has worked in many aspects of the entertainment business, from development of intellectual property to production to public relations.  In addition, she’s served as a juror for the Big Bear Film Festival, a panelist for Arts Day L.A. and a story analyst for Robert DeNiro’s Tribeca Film Company.  Juliet encourages students interested in acting, playwriting and screenwriting.  “Having worked with major studios in the age of transmedia storytelling, there are more opportunities than ever for an arts career.”

As a UCLA online screenwriting instructor, Juliet teaches classes to students living all over the world.  Juliet describes the process. “Students begin with a simple idea and take it to the final draft of their script.  When writing the college application essay, I help students realize their own life stories that best illuminate their unique personalities and make them stand out in the applicant pool.”

Having succeeded in a highly competitive field, Juliet is excited to share her expertise of film schools and other performing arts programs. A resident of California for over twenty years, Juliet is well versed in the University of California system and the private colleges of California as well.

“I’m thrilled that Juliet is part of the team,” said Mark Montgomery, President of Montgomery Educational Consulting.  “Not only will Juliet help us reach more students in California, but her expertise in the arts will allow us to provide specialized counseling to aspiring actors, filmmakers, and artists.”

Juliet lives in Pacific Palisades, California with her husband and two teenage daughters.


Montgomery Educational Consulting is a full-service educational consulting firm serving clients all over the country.  To make an appointment to speak with Juliet or any one of our other counselors, please call 720.279.7577.


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