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Law Student From Ukraine Thanks Juliet for Admissions Advice

“Honestly, I speak six languages and still can’t find enough words to express how thankful I am to Juliet Giglio for helping me through the graduate admissions process.

As an international student from a country where the educational system is completely different from the one in the US, I thought I had set my aspirations too high when decided to apply to an LL.M. program at an American law school. But I have found Montgomery Educational Services and I have never regretted my choice.

Juliet was very helpful, thoughtful, easy going, and extremely supportive. I very much appreciate that she found ways for us to communicate disregarding the ten-hour difference between our countries, and that she was very patient and understanding while explaining all the peculiarities of an American admissions process to me. Juliet took my case as her own, she helped me polish my essays and transform them into some quite solid parts of my applications. Weekend or vacation, she was working it through with me, keeping me up with my deadlines. Whatever issues came up, she was there to make a call and help me make everything work.

It is thanks to Juliet, her dedication and positive attitude, that I was accepted to several great law schools and will be attending one this fall.

Again, my deepest and cordial gratitude for everything you’ve done!”

     ~ Mariia, Ukraine

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