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Liberal Arts Colleges and Teacher-Student Interaction

I love visiting colleges. I learn stuff on campuses. Every once in a while I’m surprised by a conversation I have with folks.

I was recently on the campus of Millsaps College in Jackson, Mississippi.  Just being on that campus was surprising enough:  it’s truly a hidden gem in an unlikely location.

As I do on most campuses, I try to meet with a professor or two.  The admissions office set me up with one professor, who just plumb forgot about our meeting.  So I met up with another one at the spur of the moment.  He allowed me to record some of our conversation on the topic of how students and faculty interact at Millsaps, and at liberal arts colleges in general.

This professor shared a couple of anecdotes that knocked my socks off. As you watch, you’re going to think this was all a set-up.  I assure you, none of this was rehearsed or planned.  He was just supplying some evidence that students and teachers at Millsaps really do develop some tight bonds.

Have a look for yourself.

Mark Montgomery
College Consultant

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