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Looking for a Weird Scholarship?

Do you have an invention you would like to share with the world? Could you be the writer of the future? Are you interested in psychic powers? Do you speak “Klingon?”

These are just a few of the possible “weird scholarships” that has posted on their scholarship website. It may only be July but many scholarships for the upcoming year have already been posted and some deadlines are already sneaking up quickly. is a great resource for a wide variety of scholarships, both weird and traditional, but all are worth taking a glance through. Even though some scholarships may be for small amounts every little bit of “free money” can add up. Start writing your scholarship essays early and check out fastweb’s tips, videos, calculators, and other pieces of advice as you start your scholarship search.

Cara Ray
Educational Consultant in Boulder

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  1. is a great site giving a comprehensive collection of college scholarships. There are also many private scholarships that most people don’t know about. http://www.buyve com a social e-commerce company sent Javier, a high school student from Camden to attend school at Fordham. I believe there may be many scholarships out there which can be applicable to certain students which may not be on Fastweb.

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