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National Honor Roll Scam

A colleague from Japan recently wrote asking if I knew anything about the National Honor Roll. I knew very little, but was immediately suspicious when I learned it was an honor students had to buy.

Today I learned from another colleague that the National Honor Roll is, indeed, a scam, perpetrated by marketing companies that are mining data on college-bound students. The best source of information on this is another blogger who writes a blog called “The Blog That Ate Manhattan.” You can see her post here.

Parents–and kids–need to be very wary of these sorts of scams. Young eyeballs are worth a fortune to marketers, because they wield a lot of buying power and are relatively unsophisticated consumers. And parents of teens who may be grasping at ways to help their kids stand out in the college admissions process can be easily duped.

So beware of anything that looks too good to be true. It is.

Mark Montgomery
Montgomery Educational Consulting

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  1. My daughter was just putting the final touches on her Activity Record for college and for some reason I wanted her to look at the National Honor Roll listed under Academic Awards. She said, “Doesn’t that just mean I have a 90 or better GPA?” She is in the National Honor Society so I told her that would stand on it’s own. We did research this morning and read the Blog “The Blog That Ate Manhattan.” —I see you listed it above. She decided to take it off her Activity Record for college admissions. Just wanted to share and feel that it was the right decision because who wants to be part of a scam!

  2. Thanks, Linda. There are quite a few of these scams out there. They won’t really hurt you, but admissions folk know about them–and will just shake their heads. It’s sad that there are so many out there willing to prey upon the hopes and dreams of students and their families.
    Glad you stopped by!

  3. Mark –

    I’ve moved the post you mentioned to my new site. If you could update the link, it would make things easier for your readers. who now are being redirected through my old site.

    Thanks for helping to get the word out on this scam!

    I noticed their web site is down – I wonder if we put them out of business?


  4. is a major scam; the send my daughter some fancy packet in the mail and got her information illegally; they offer crappy scholarships, this one guy Lewis gets most of the money, and they just use famous names to bilk poor high school families out of precious dollars. What a disgrace!

  5. You’re right, Frank. This sort of scam is a disgrace. It’s especially disturbing to see that list of famous names on the letterhead. Money talks, even for famous people, I guess.

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