Our Team

Standing: Andrea Aronson, Mark Montgomery
Seated: Cara Ray, Katherine Price

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Mark Montgomery is a former college professor and administrator, and brings his insider knowledge to demystify universities and deliver solid advice to students and their families.

Katherine Price has over 10 years of experience in admissions and student affairs at selective colleges and universities, enabling her her to counsel students for success.

Cara Ray is a former admissions officer and holds a Master’s degree in Higher Education. She enjoys helping students navigate their educational path, whether toward small liberal arts schools or large public universities.

Andrea Aronson of our New Jersey office holds an MBA from the Wharton School and is a candidate for a certificate in college counseling from UCLA. As a marketing expert, she assists all students in presenting themselves in the best possible light.


About the Author

Mark is a leading educational consultant. His experience as a professor, college administrator, and youth mentor help him guide students from around the country and around the world.

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