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Parent Questionnaire College Search Information

Parent Questionnaire College Search Information

Thank you again for completing our Parent Questionnaire. This final section asks for your perspective on your student's college search. If you need to save the form and continue filling it out later, click the "Save and Continue Later" link at the bottom of this page. You will be shown a URL you can use to return to this form within the next 30 days.
  • College Characteristics

    Please answer the questions below to indicate the characteristics of the college that you think would suit your student best.
  • Please comment on geographical locations within the US that might be a good fit (or bad fit) for your student. Consider especially activities he or she enjoys, as well as other factors.
  • Please comment on the ideal setting for your student--specifically urban, rural, suburban, or small town locales. Explain why your student would particularly like or dislike particular settings.
  • Reflect on the ideal size of the student body for your student. Consider factors such as the availability of specific opportunities (academic or otherwise), as well as class sizes, the accessibility of faculty, the existence of teaching assistants, the ease or difficulty of creating social relationships, or anything else that may bear on the size of the school.
  • Please indicate any academic offerings you feel are important to your student's college experience (i.e. study abroad, majors, minors, pre-professional programs, etc.)
  • Please indicate any non-academic offerings you feel are important to your student's college experience (i.e. greek life, performing opportunities, clubs, community service, sports, etc.).
  • Please consider campus housing. Do you prefer a college for your student that guarantees campus housing for the first year, second year, all four years, or not at all? If campus housing is not required, please comment on your student’s ability to manage a household (rent, utilities, cleaning, routine maintenance):
  • Other characteristics not mentioned above.
  • Additional Information

  • Will financial aid be a factor in your child’s decision? Do you anticipate that your student will apply for need-based aid? Given your family finances, will merit-based scholarships be necessary? Please share as much information as you feel comfortable sharing.
  • Are there any particular colleges you have thought about for your student? If so, please list them below and explain why you feel these schools represent appropriate matches for your student.
  • Is there anything you wish to add that might help in determining the best college match for your student?

Ask Us Anything…

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