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Post Graduate Year for Young Men–An Extra Year to Prepare

I recently spoke with Jennifer Gaworski, Associate Director of Admission at Bridgton Academy about the benefits of taking an extra year before college.  This practice is not altogether uncommon in the northeastern part of the US, where many students make a decision to take an extra year of secondary school to continue to develop themselves academically before entering college.

Bridgton Academy, located in rural Maine, is an all-men’s, dedicated PG (or “post graduate”) program.  Many of the boys who attend are also athletes who aspire to play at a high level in college.

In this short video, Ms. Gaworski gives a bit more information about the benefits of doing a PG year before college.

Mark Montgomery
College Admissions Coach

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  1. Hey Mark, great interview with the folks at Bridgton. They offer a terrific pg opportunity for young men looking for an extra year to grow before college.

    We wrote an article about the post grad year (
    A Post Graduate Year; what’s that?
    ) that breaks down different reasons for pg’ing. Might be of help to your visitors.

  2. Isn’t Bridgton Academy on the diploma mill list from the NCAA that came out in the Washington Post July, 2006?

  3. Hello, Reed.
    Bridgton Academy was put under NCAA review in July of 2006, as part of an investigation into “diploma mills.” However, Bridgton was cleared by the NCAA of any wrongdoing, according to an article in the Boston Globe:

    I will say this: as long as NCAA Division 1 sports provide full-ride scholarships for athletes–and as long as these academic institutions are the “farm teams” for professional sports (which are not funded by the NFL, NBA, or NHL…) , there will be people (and institutions) that skirt the academic rules to promote athletic ability. Whether we like it or not, athletics often trump academics. Makes no sense, but there you have it.

    Thanks for writing in.


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