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Back in the “Old Days,” we had to fill out applications by hand. Now you can fill out your applications electronically and submit them online. You have several options for completing your applications.

Submit the college’s own online application

This is best if you are

  • Applying to a single college (not a good idea!)
  • Applying early decision to your top choice college (a great idea!)
  • The college in question offers no other options

The Common Application

Most of the selective colleges in the United States subscribe to the Common Application, which allows you to create a single application that is submitted electronically to all the colleges on your list. This has been the most popular way for many students to apply to college in recent years, though now there are a few competitors in the field. You can reach the Common Application at

The Universal College Application

This is a rival to the Common Application, and it is growing in popularity. It offers many of the same features as the Common Application. You can check out the UCA at

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