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Montgomery Educational Consulting offers Great College Advice delivered directly to your email!

Choose to receive our email courses full of detailed information on various aspects of the college admissions process.  Just sign up with your email address (which we never share or sell to anyone!), and start receiving Great College Advice right away!

Plan the Perfect Campus Visit

Are you planning the grand college tour?  Get the most out of your visits to college campuses with these tips from Mark Montgomery.  He shares his strategies for meeting with admissions officers, taking the tours, and getting off the beaten track.  Don’t leave the visit in the hands of admissions offices.  Take charge, starting by signing up for this comprehensive email course.

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Financial Aid Primer Sign up for an email course from Andrea Aronson that helps break down the financial aid process into easy to understand terms and steps.
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International Students and the College Admissions Process Let Andrea Aronson share tips with you on the admissions process and college search for international students.
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Learning Disabilities and the College Admissions Process The admissions process is tough enough for the average student. But for those with dyslexia, ADHD, Asperger’s, or other learning differences, the transition to higher education can be daunting.  Let Heather Creech share with you her insights into the process, and provide answers to your questions.
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