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We can help you find answers to your burning questions about secondary and tertiary education.

High School Choice

IB vs. AP:  Which curriculum would be better for my child?

Would my local public school be a better option, as compared to a private school, a charter school, a boarding school?

What is the impact of homeschooling my child on the college admissions process?

Some families of elementary and middle school students need help selecting the right high school for their student.  We can help you evaluate the right options for your child.


Gap Year Planning

What is the impact of a gap year on college admission?

What sort of gap year programs are available?

How can my child set up her own, individualized gap year plan?

How can I facilitate a gap year for my child without spending tens of thousands of dollars?

More and more students today are taking off a year between high school and college to travel, engage in internships, begin career explorations, or perform meaningful community service. We can help students and families create a successful plan.


Graduate Advising

Should I actually pursue a graduate degree?

Given my career aims, what are my graduate school options?

Which schools and programs would be the best fit for me?

Can you help me with the applications and the personal statements?

Our consultants have experience in helping students achieve their graduate school aims.  From professional degrees in business, sports management, and physicians assistants to doctorates in international affairs, psychology, and chemistry, we can help you craft winning applications.


Second Language Learning

How can I actually learn to speak a foreign language?

I don’t have room in my high school schedule for foreign language, but I still want to learn one…help!

Is there a more efficient way to learn a language, both in terms of time and money?

As a former foreign language teacher who speaks two language in addition to English, Mark knows how difficult–and how easy–it can be to learn a second language.  Andrea, too, majored in Russian studies and spent a significant amount of time working in Russia.  Together, they can help you identify the right strategy, both in and out of the classroom, and both in and out of the country, to acquire linguistic fluency in another language.