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We help students and families reduce the cost of higher education by helping them land merit-based scholarships at high quality colleges and universities.

The vast majority of scholarships come from universities in the form of merit-based aid.  We can identify top colleges that may be a bargain for your family.

Are you eager to get the best college education possible, yet worried about the exorbitant tuition prices?

Do you have a hunch that there might be excellent deals out there in higher education–that you just don’t know how to find?

Does your son or daughter have special talents that you believe some college or university must value enough to offer a scholarship?

Do you believe that you won’t qualify for need-based financial aid, but still want to see if you can get a discount of some sort?

Great College Advice offers discriminating families the possibility of getting a quality education at a reduced cost.  We help you identify the colleges and universities that are relative bargains in the higher education marketplace.  We also help your son or daughter leverage academic and other talents into scholarship dollars.

To learn more about how our consulting packages can help you save tens of thousands of dollars over four years of tuition payments, give us a call or send us an email.  We would be glad to demonstrate about how an investment in our services can return big dividends.