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As students enter 12th grade, the application process looms large.  It’s not too late for some Great College Advice.

Seniors need help telling their story on their applications in a clear, concise, and compelling way to give them the best possible chance of admission to their top choice schools.  We give seniors the tools to help them focus their energies and achieve their objectives.

Still trying to decide where you want to apply?

Looking for a way to organize the process so you don’t forget anything?

Need help completing the applications to ensure you’re representing yourself well?

Struggling to find essay topics for the primary and all the supplemental essays?

Whether they are just beginning the college search process or have already taken a few, tentative steps, seniors often need help in rounding out their college lists and staying focused on the admissions process.  While the time frame for seniors may be a little more compressed, we do what it takes to make the admission process both productive and enjoyable for everyone involved.

We offer comprehensive application packages, essay packages, as well as a la carte assistance to students at any time during the senior year.

Contact us now for a quote:  +1.720.279.7577.