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Students who start this process in the 10th grade get a jump on the competition.  

We can take more time to consider strategies for test preparation, weigh summer learning opportunities, and develop a twin focus on academics and activities.

Should I start studying for those SAT and ACT tests now, or can I afford to wait?

What courses shall I take in high school to give me an edge later on?

In a world of limited time, which activities should be my focus?

How can I spend my summers to maximize both opportunity and fun?

Would it make sense to visit college campuses now?

Each of our comprehensive packages provides the same level of service and guides you through the entire college selection and admissions process. But because they start earlier, students who elect this package can relax knowing that they and their families are on the right track to finding the right college–and getting in.

To get a quote for services for 10th-graders, give us a call at +1.720.261.8299, or contact us via our web form.