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We help student athletes develop an appropriate strategy for pairing their academic interests with their athletic talents.

Are you aiming for a sports scholarship?

Do you hope to leverage your athletic talents to get into a more selective college or university?

Do you hope to play your sport in college, but perhaps at a less serious level?

Or are you still trying to figure out how best to combine your athletic and academic talents and select a school that fits that combination?

Puzzle Athletice RecruitingGreat College Advice offers has the expertise and experience to help you ask the right questions, develop your own answers, and then pursue a strategy that will ensure you get the most of your educational opportunities.

No matter what grade you’re in, if you’re an athlete, you’re thinking about the role sports will play in your college future.  We can help young people make the best choices throughout high school to maximize their opportunities on the field and in the classroom.  We have worked with top-ranked athletes around the world who have landed great scholarships in NCAA Division 1.  We have also guided athletes to some of the most selective Division 1 and Division 3 schools in the country, including the Ivy League, Stanford, and all the NESCAC schools.  We also have counseled scholar athletes to ramp down their athletic pursuits to focus on their studies in college, often helping them pick schools with strong club teams in their chosen sport.

We can help you find the right balance in your life, and make decisions that maximize your opportunities, both academic and athletic.

To learn more about how we serve the needs of athletes, give us a call or contact us via email

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