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Boarding Schools

Montgomery Educational Consulting is pleased to announce the expansion of our services to include placements at Boarding Schools in the United States.

Two of the most respected, experienced boarding school consultants in America have teamed up with Montgomery Educational Consulting to provide personal advice on choosing the best boarding school to meet a student’s academic, social, and athletic needs.

Leading educational consultants Tom O’Dell and Marylou Marcus draw upon their 65+ years of combined independent school experience–providing outstanding expertise and perspective in helping families find the best school for each unique student.

Marylou Marcus

Marylou Marcus brings 35 years of school and admission experience to her educational consulting work. Her appointments include posts as an Assistant Director of Admission and as a Director of Admission and Financial Aid. Mrs. Marcus has addressed countless families regarding admission and financial aid during her career.

Marylou Marcus has served as president of the Small Boarding School Association and spent several terms on school and association boards. Her articles have been published in educational newsletters and she has also spoken or presented papers at national and regional conferences-  addressing education, financial aid and reasons why a boarding school might be the best choice.

Tom O’Dell

Prior to starting his becoming an educational consultant in 2006, Tom O’Dell worked as a school administrator at 5 different schools for over thirty years. He has been a Headmaster, Director of Admissions, Director of Placement and Program Director in addition to duties as a classroom teacher and student advisor. He has guided hundreds of families, International and American, in matters related to private school selection and placement. In addition, he currently serves as the Vice-President of the Small Boarding School Association and is a member of the the Board of Trustees of the Litchfield Montessori School.

For more information about Boarding School placements with Montgomery Educational Consulting, please use our contact form, or call 720.279.7577 to set up a free initial consultation with either of our expert boarding school consultants. 

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