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Graduate School

Mark also advises students through the process of applying to graduate school. He can help you:

  • Choose the right school for you
  • Develop an application strategy
  • Craft a powerful, effective personal statement
  • Prepare for interviews

Given his background and experience, Mark specializes in helping students as they apply to doctoral programs, and those seeking Masters degrees in public policy, public administration, and international affairs. However, he has also advised students in a wide variety of fields, including biomedical research and physician’s assistant programs.

For more information on graduate advising, please call +1.720.279.7577.


Mark was a great help with my essay. I sorta got blocked up while writing it, and he helped me get back on track, to focus on what’s important from the admissions perspective. And it worked–I got into my first choice school for graduate school and am couldn’t be happier. Couldn’t have done it without Mark’s help!!!
– B. J., doctoral program in biomedical research

I called Mark desperate for help in getting into a public policy program. I’m a Captain in the US Army, and I had only a very short amount of time to identify a program and complete the application. The whole process was really crazy, as I was working full time, but needed help negotiating my very special circumstances with admissions offices. Mark was with me every step of the way, updating me two or three times a day as he served as an advocate and advisor. In the end, I got the scholarship I needed from my first choice school. I just started my graduate program in public policy, and I have Mark to thank for helping me get here.
– Capt. R. T., Carnegie Mellon University

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