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Hourly Advising: Some students come to us with parts of the college identification and application process already partially complete. Some know where they want to go, but just need help with writing their college essays. Some just want to get started early with a couple of short planning sessions. We offer affordable hourly consulting rates that will allow your family to customize services to meet their individual needs.

Study Abroad Advising: Today’s savvy student looks at an experience studying abroad as a way to obtain an edge in our increasingly global environment. Whether it’s a language immersion program, an intensive study of Italian architecture, a marine biology program in the tropics, or a management and marketing program in Eastern Europe, our expertise can help you identify the programs of the highest quality. As might be expected, the increased demand for study abroad programs has led to an enormous increase in the quantity of programs offered. However, without standards in the industry, many programs continue to draw students even from top-flight universities. Let us help you identify which programs provide the highest quality education at the best price.

Gap Year Planning: More and more students today are opting to take off a year between high school and college to travel, engage in internships, begin career explorations, or perform meaningful community service. Even the Ivy League universities advocate the benefits of taking a gap year.  The Gap Year has been a tradition among students in the United Kingdom for years, giving students a break from their studies to pursue their current passions or develop new ones. Some students may apply to colleges their senior year, and then defer admission for a year. Others may use the gap year to round out experiences and give them an edge in the admissions process during their time off from full-time study. Either way, we can help students and families get the most out of their gap year by identifying appropriate agencies that provide excellent educational, service, or career building experiences.

Presentations / Workshops: Dr. Montgomery gives occasional workshops on the college planning process to civic groups, religious organizations, corporations, parent-teacher organizations, and the general public. Many of these presentations are offered free-of-charge. To inquire about having Dr. Montgomery speak for your group, please send an email to info (at) localhost/greatcollege. Workshop topics include:

  • Choosing a College that Fits
  • Demystifying the Application Process
  • College Essays: The Student Voice
  • Ivy League Admissions


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