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Stephen Colbert, Educational Consultant: How to Ace the SATs

From the humor files, we bring your attention to Stephen Colbert’s advice on How to Ace the SATs.

Did you know that Colbert is a Dartmouth grad?

Have a look.

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Stephen’s Sound Advice – How to Ace the SATs
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  1. Stephen Colbert is hilarious, however, I’m not sure that your blog audience is aware that Colbert plays a fictitious character on his show. While his character did attend Dartmouth, the “real” Stephen Colbert graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (1987).

  2. Thanks, Claudine,
    I guess I’m victim of “truthiness.” I now think he’s even more funny and canny–he was able to get himself on the cover of the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine. Truth and fiction are sometimes hard to separate in the Internet age. Thanks for setting me straight!


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