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Accepted to Dartmouth Thanks to Great College Advice

Tomas started working with Mark Montgomery, college admissions expert and educational consultant, before his senior year of high school. Mark broke any illusions Tomas had about college, making sure he didn’t procrastinate on the application process, coaching him on writing successful essays, and expanding his list of possible schools outside of the Northeast, where Tomas assumed he was destined. In the end, he was accepted to Dartmouth with Mark’s help.


Hi, my name is Tomas, and Mark and I started working together right before my senior year. And I would say one of the biggest ways that he helped me out was in convincing me to start my application process early. He really pushed me to get working on my essays and on the Common App as soon as it came out, and I think that that was one of the biggest factors in my acceptance to Dartmouth. I was really prepared from the start to work hard. And he gave me a lot of good advice on how to approach the essay and as well as the Common App and how to order my activities and things that I never would have thought of.

And another thing that he really helped with was expanding my list of colleges outside of the Northeast. I was really focused on my area and the colleges that I had heard of, but he really gave me an expanded list that I really actually considered, and schools that were realistic and all three, you know, safeties and reaches and target schools. And so that was very helpful as well.


Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant