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Accepted to UCLA With Help From Expert Educational Consultant

Jason chose to work with Mark Montgomery as his college consultant in order to give him a bit of an edge. He felt that the counselors at his public high school were not familiar enough with the process of applying to out-of-state universities. He also wanted to prepare for highly selective admissions processes, and he needed some personalized advice.

When he first entered Mark’s office, he thought he knew exactly which schools he wanted to apply to. He even had his first choice all mapped out. But with some guidance from Mark and a few campus visits, he completely changed his views, and came to the decision that the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) was his first choice.

Jason applied and was accepted. In this short testimonial video, Jason explains how he worked with Mark throughout the process.


I’m Jason and Mark helped me get into UCLA, where I’ll be going next fall. I chose to use a private college counselor because I felt that the individual attention, when it comes to essays, what classes I’ll be taking, how to make my application the best it could possibly be, would really be the difference for a borderline applicant like myself. I saw my friends apply to colleges out of their league or just have things in their applications that made no sense in the year above me, so I knew that getting private instruction from someone like Mark would be a big help. It worked. It was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone who’s looking to get the best scholarships, get into the best college you can. So thanks, Mark.