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Application Help From a College Expert Gets Student Into Dartmouth

Alex was sure he wanted to go to Dartmouth, but he was realistic: given the statistics, he knew that the odds were likely against him. So he wanted some help not only with the application, but in brainstorming other colleges and universities that would meet his needs.

Mark helped Alex create a list of other great schools that offered engineering, and where he could ski, and develop very close relationships with his peers and his professors.

In the end, Alex applied early decision to Dartmouth and was accepted. His essays were terrific, and his application really presented his accomplishments–and more important–his personality.


I’m Alex, and in the fall I was pretty sure that I wanted to go to Dartmouth, and I wasn’t positive so I hired Mark to help me make sure that that was the school I wanted to go to, and maybe help me find some other schools that would fit me.

So we did a personality test and together we put together a list of schools, and he helped reassure me that applying to Dartmouth early decision was going to be the right choice for me, and after working with Mark for a short time and putting together a list of schools, I realized that I probably also needed help with my application and he was really helpful.

So I asked him to help me put together my application and he just made everything really nice and professional and made my resume and everything look good. He went through my essay repeatedly until it was just right. He never got tired of going over revisions. He would get on Skype with me, meet with me in person, he would email me, call me, whatever he needed to do. He helped me prepare for my interview, he pretty much got everything ready to go. He took what was already there and put it in a nice package. Thanks to Mark, I got into Dartmouth and I’m really excited about it. So he’s a great guy.