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Educational Consultant Navigates World of Choices for Hong Kong Student

Nikita from Hong Kong struggled with figuring out what college would best suit her. With a plethora of choices it can be very difficult, indeed. But Mark Montgomery, expert educational consultant, helped her discover what she really needed out of a university and in the end she was very happy with her choice.


Hi, my name is Nikita, and I live in Hong Kong, and I’ve been working with Mark for about a year now. And it was a great experience working with Mark because when we first met, I was struggling through trying to figure out where I wanted to go to college, what college would best suit me, what my interests were, perhaps what kinds of majors I would be interested in pursuing, and with a world of choice out there it’s very difficult to sometimes narrow that down yourself. And so working with Mark really helped me to understand what I was looking for, and then after that, matching my needs with a college suitable for me and looking at what kind of size would suit me, what location would suit me, which kind of school environment would suit me best, and I’m very happy with the choice that we have made and am looking forward to starting college this year and pursuing all those initial things that I started with.


Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant