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Educational Consultant Recommended By Colorado Springs Family

Dear Mark,

Your humor, advice, guidance, caring and occasional family therapy that you have given us over the past 1.5 years has been invaluable to ALL of us but especially our daughter!  We could NOT have imagined that Taylor would get accepted to her #1 choice with a merit award, playing volleyball for a great school!!!!  I think you knew all along it was going to work out this way!  She is thrilled, and the fact that you pushed her to apply early action has made all the difference!  She is now loving her last semester of her senior year with this big decision behind her, looking forward to next August.  Most of her friends haven’t even applied to college yet!  THANK YOU for always being so responsive and accessible to us (even from Hong Kong)!!  You absolutely delivered and we are forever grateful!

Your 100% satisfied customer and friend for life,

Sarah Michel, CSP

… and then this from Sarah’s husband, Fred

I couldn’t agree more!

Mark, the honest truth to my testimonial is that I have a wonderful daughter, but when it comes to counseling her on how to pick a college and getting that work done, I would have lost a lot of sleep, had no hair, and needed to find a good therapist for myself just to do this myself.  The cost of your services was worth every cent and more.   I knew this going in to the process but I can attest to this as we are almost through the process.   Your assistance has helped Taylor grow in new ways we have not seen before. She has certainly matured from the experience, and she is clearly aware of the importance and responsibilities of her decision to attend her university of first choice.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the help.   We look forward to continuing to work with you as Taylor finishes out her Senior year of HS and to when we begin planning for Madison’s needs in a few years.


Fred H. Michel, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Colorado Springs, Colorado