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Expert Educational Consultant Finds Right College for Hong Kong Student

Calvin from Hong Kong benefited from the expert advice he got from Mark Montgomery, PhD, educational consultant and college admissions advisor. Calvin and his parents were impressed with Mark’s passion for his work and his drive to find a college that they would be happy with. Mark’s thoughtful and thorough critiquing of Calvin’s essays, while always being supportive of what he had to say, boosted his confidence and helped get him into a university he never would have expected to enter otherwise.


Hi, I’m Calvin from Hong Kong and I’m very glad that I got to work with Mark over the past few years. I’m glad that we got to start early because it really gave me a heads up of what was to come and helped me get everything under control. So, Mark offers a lot of things that in-school counselors just cannot match.

For example, Mark takes the time to explain different processes, or to look at your needs and he genuinely cares and wants to help you make the process easier. He’s not doing it just to get things over with but he wants his students to find a place where they’ll be happy.

Mark and I, we spent a lot of time choosing colleges for all sorts of different reasons and he went to great lengths to make sure that I knew what I wanted and he also factored in what my parents wanted. He was very considerate of our opinions and our different requirements and everything worked out great in the end.

Before the process began, Mark made it clear that he would set deadlines, and he made it clear with what he wanted and what’s important to have and what we can leave for later. So, everything was extremely organized. He made sure that I was on track. He would read all my drafts. He would give me a lot of constructive criticism. He didn’t mind if I made silly mistakes, or if I didn’t fully develop an idea. He was extremely supportive of what I had to say in my essays. I found that very helpful as he helped me craft my final college essays.

I never would have thought I would have ended up going to the school that I’m going to go to next year. But, I can confidently say that I probably wouldn’t have been able to do it without Mark. So, thanks Mark, you did a great job.


Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant