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Great College Advice Helps Student Find the Perfect University

Aaron spent a year and a half working with Mark Montgomery, PhD, an expert college admissions advisor and educational consultant. Mark guided Aaron through a process of self-discovery, figuring out what he wanted out of a college, from campus size to core curriculum. Aaron learned not to take rejections personally, but rather to see them as a step in the direction of finding that perfect fit. Mark also helped Aaron with the all-important essay questions, helping him answer them in a way that demonstrated everything he had to offer.


My name is Aaron, I’ve just finished my year and a half with Mark Montgomery. I’ve learned a lot in this process. Some of the things are just the simple fact of figuring out what I want. Not just out of college but while I’m in it. As in, do I want a large campus, or a small campus? Student population size, core curriculum, for example Columbia or more loose like Brown and so on and so forth. So Mark really helped with finding that because he asked me questions that aided me in discovering what type of schools I’m actually more interested in.

In this process you do find yourself somewhat, in the sense that you know more of what you want out of college and life. You also just find out what you’re comfortable with and what you’re not comfortable with I guess. There’s some people are not comfortable being rejected by colleges and personally I thought that if a college rejected you, I mean, maybe something wasn’t up to par as other students, but it’s also possible that you just don’t fit the criteria that they want and maybe you wouldn’t thrive in that school. So I personally don’t think you should take it to heart. I think you’ll be accepted into a place where you’ll fit and you’ll thrive academically and socially and in any other way as well.

Mark also really helps with the essay process because by yourself whilst you can read the question, and write an essay, he does really help figure out what the question is really getting at so you know what you really need to say or what you can offer to the school off of that question. Also, if you have multiple questions that you have to answer for example Tufts had three questions this year. Instead of writing three essays that are all similar, you make sure that you show different parts of your own character, so you actually show up as more than just somebody who does a lot of sports, or somebody who does a lot of charity work, but as a person. So you can actually show who you are and be accepted to the right school and I think he does a good job with that.


Mark Montgomery
Expert Educational Consultant