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Our Son Needed Scholarship Money, and He Got It


A tense situation

May 25, 2010

To:  Parents of Prospective College Students

From:  Mom of Prospective College Student,  Denver, CO

Re:  Mark Montgomery

I am pleased to introduce you to the college advising practice of Mark Montgomery.  I would like to share the experiences of our family with you.

My son, Sam, is a very capable 18-year-old who has always been motivated to take care of business at school.  I never needed to audit his schoolwork or schedule.  I assumed he would take care of his college application process.  Not so!  What could have been a fun experience of exploring continuing education opportunities  turned into a tense situation in our home, when we were unable to adequately motivate Sam to consider the many possibilities that existed for him in the world of post-secondary education.

save money chalkboardAlthough Sam did eventually apply to a number of very good schools, it occurred to me in December that Sam might be accepted at these schools, but probably would not receive the merit scholarships that we were counting on to give him the flexibility to consider schools outside of state schools in Colorado. .  Sam was admitted to four of the six schools that he initially applied to, and received two scholarship options, maxing out at on; $2500 annually.

Late in the game, we contacted Mark Montgomery.  After talking with Sam on the telephone, Mark was able to tailor a list of schools that he thought would be a good match for Sam, and also potentially have scholarship money available.  Long story short, Sam applied to nine schools suggested by Mark, was admitted to all, and also offered a scholarship at every institution.  Sam made a decision to attend one of those schools and accept the generous scholarship offered to him by the college.  The scholarship he was offered is $20,500 annually, and should be renewed each year if our son maintains his GPA.  This particular college was not even on our radar…we would not have known about it without Mark’s suggestion.

Our only regret is that we did not engage Mark’s services earlier.  Our son’s senior year could have been a lot more fun for us as parents, and for our son.  Based on our experience, I would highly recommend the services of Mark Montgomery.