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Student Surprised and Satisfied with Great College Advice

 A student from Douglas County, Colorado, came to Mark as a 10th grader. At first, he was very hesitant and worried excessively that this process would not only be a waste of time, but a horribly unpleasant one. By the end, this young man not only landed at a great school, but he and Mark became good friends. Here is a short video in which he recounts his experience in working with Mark.

CC pikes peak


So, when I first met Mark and started working with him, I thought that he was going to be this kind of, hard ass, Mr. Strategy coach that was going to tell me this is what you need to improve, improve, improve.  I just kind of thought Mark was going to be Mr. Self-Improvement.

But, as I had more sessions with Mark, as I started talking to him more, and has he learned more about me, he really is the kind of guy that’s a very self-understanding guy.  He thinks very much in the long term, and he very much considers your happiness.

I think if you were to work with Mark you would get the kick in the butt you needed, and everybody needs it, and I think you’ll learn about different schools, and different majors, and different people, and different places you could study that you never considered before.

The school that I am going to now that I am extremely excited to go to, right here, I had not even considered it.  It wasn’t even an afterthought.  Then Mark said, “how about you look at this place, Colorado College”, and I said, “Whatever, Mark, like, I’ll just do this to satisfy you.”  I went and I thought it was honestly the coolest school I had ever visited.   I’m going there now, and I’m incredibly satisfied with what Mark has done.  I cannot recommend it enough to anyone.



Colorado College campus