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Student Loans By the Numbers has a great new graphic that helps you think about the value (and the cost) of a college education. It’s definitely a great tool to help you conceptualize the costs, and to really consider whether it’s wise to take out a ton of loans to finance your undergraduate education.

The folks there said I could share it with you.  So, have a look!


Mark Montgomery
College Consultant

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  1. Thanks for the numbers. The rising cost of tuition is a subject that is seriously effecting future generations. College loans are incredibly serious and really can get kids into trouble when it comes time for them to repay these loans. The more information they get before they decide on a college and getting loans to pay for it, the better.

  2. Thanks, Bobby. Fortunately more students today are calculating their debts more carefully than a few years ago, when all of us were gorging on loans of various types. Maybe it’s a good thing that the economy has helped to wake us all up: some debt is good; a mountain of debt is bad.

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