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Student Recommends Katherine Price

Do you want to know what it is like to work with one of our consultants?  Lauren Hayden, who is a first year student at Northeastern University, provides some insights on her experience working with Katherine Price.

Hi. My name is Lauren Hayden and I had the opportunity to work with Katherine Price my junior and senior years of high school through out my college application process.  Now initially the college application process is intimidating and confusing and I did not really know where to apply, much less how to do it.  Luckily once I started working with Katherine Price, all of these problems disappeared.  She sat down and helped me generate a list of schools I would be interested in applying to, based on location, size, academics and extracurricular activities.  All of these things she factored in to help me find schools I would be interested in applying to and eventually attending.  The best part was that if there was something I was unsure about or wanted to know more about, Katherine knew the answer, or she would call that specific school or university and find the answer.  She was great resource to have to answer all of my questions about any school I was applying to.  And eventually, as it came time to apply, she continued to be a great resource to have.  She would answer all of my questions and gave me all kinds of great pieces of advice and information, especially when it came time to write admissions essays. The admissions essays was a really difficult part of the application for me and Katherine helped me generate ideas for essays, making sure my essay would represent not only who I was as a student and a writer, but also who I was as a person, which is really important for the college application.  I know she is a really phenomenal person to work with and for that reason, I would recommend her to anyone who preparing to apply for college.  She is professional; she is knowledgeable and is a great person to work with.

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