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Excellent Science and a Whole Lot More at Case Western Reserve University

For those seeking a medium sized college campus in an urban environment may find that Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, is a great option. Known for its programs in the sciences and engineering, Case has a beautiful urban campus--even though it is bisected by a very busy thoroughfare. Case also is contiguous with some of the greatest artistic and cultural facilities in the world, including the Cleveland Institute of Music (where you can do a joint degree at Case), Severance Hall (home of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra), and the Institute of Art. So if you are interested in high culture and want an urban environment, Case is hard to beat. CWRU is also trying hard to lure liberal arts students to the campus to round out its student body.

Artist Portfolio Review at National Portfolio Day

My clients who aspire toward a career in fine art know that they need to prepare a portfolio of their work to present to admissions officers.  These portfolios need to show off their best work, and provide a window into their creative thought processes. Most students interested in admission to a school of art and […]

National Portfolio Day at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (RMCAD)

I spent a beautiful fall day at recently at the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, located in Lakewood, Colorado.  The occasion was National Portfolio Day.  Budding young artists attend one of about 50 portfolio events around the country in order to receive some critical feedback on their portfolios before they are submitted to […]