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Choosing the Right College Curriculum–How Much Choice Is Right For You?

I recently toured several colleges in New England, including Amherst and Hampshire Colleges in Massachusetts, and Bennington and Marlboro Colleges in Vermont.  These visits brought home the fact that students do have choices in the sorts of curriculum they would like to form the core of their academic experience in college. The core of college […]

Bennington College–An Independent, Individually Planned Curriculum

I spent some time on the campus of Bennington College in Vermont, where the curriculum is very different from most other colleges.  Bennington requires students to create educational “plans” that map out their entire academic experience.  Faculty members review these plans very thoroughly, and apparently about 70 or 75 percent of plans are rejected in […]

Bennington College: Creative, Self-Directed, Intellectually Serious Alternative

I recently spent a gorgeous spring afternoon on the campus of Bennington College in southern Vermont.  The campus is a lovely mixture of colonial architecture and internationalist modern styles, and 650 students are proud to be known as a relatively off-beat, alternative, and artistic bunch.  Like Marlboro, Bennington does not offer traditional majors, but requires […]