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Post Graduate Year for Young Men–An Extra Year to Prepare

I recently spoke with Jennifer Gaworski, Associate Director of Admission at Bridgton Academy about the benefits of taking an extra year before college.  This practice is not altogether uncommon in the northeastern part of the US, where many students make a decision to take an extra year of secondary school to continue to develop themselves […]

Carnival of College Admission–Turkey Edition

Welcome to the 5th Edition of the Carnival of College Admission. As promised, and in commemoration of the America’s Holiday, we offer the “Turkey Edition.” Today you’ll learn all sorts of fun facts about turkeys that you can share with your friends around the dinner table tomorrow. So not only will you have the opportunity […]

Carnival of College Admission | Third Thrilling Edition

The Third Edition of the Carnival of College Admission is our best yet.  We continue to receive more and better submissions with each edition, and I’m happy that we are building a community of bloggers that want to share their content related to the transition between high school and college.  If you missed the first […]