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May I Sit in on a Class?

Sitting in on a college class is a great way to learn more about the academic environment on a college campus. Here are a few recommendations.

Campus Visits–Don’t Mind the Weather

Bad weather can affect our moods. But it should not affect our visit to a college. A campus visit is a time to learn about the people--and to ignore the weather.

Touring a Campus? Don’t Forget the Library!

The library is no longer just the place to check out books. It may play a key role in your college experiences. What should you be looking for in a college library? What questions should you ask about the library when visiting a college campus?

Visiting College Campuses: A Tour Guide Shares Tips

Sometimes campus tour guides go above and beyond.  While on the University of Alabama campus recently, I was treated to a private tour by a polite, knowledgeable, and good humored young gentleman.  He gave me the grand tour, and fielded my penetrating questions very well.  So I asked him whether he thought it would be […]

College Visits: Remember Three Important Features

When I visit college and university campuses, I try to search for a few distinguishing features that will help me remember what makes this particular institution stand out from its peers.  Often I will start by asking admissions counselors–who are, after all, in the business of marketing–what they see as the three most important things […]

Visiting College Campuses: Observations by a Professional Tour-Taker

I spent a few days in Minnesota last week visiting colleges. My itinerary included (in alphabetical order) Augsburg College, Carleton College, Macalester College, University of Minnesota, and St. Olaf College. Why do I spend so much time and money investing in college visits? So I can help you find the best college for you. I’m […]