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college major

The Majors of Tomorrow

Do you know what you want to study in college? keep in mind that the college majors of tomorrow - and the careers of the future- are likely to change. How will you prepare yourself?

Summertime Activity: Career Exploration

Summer vacation is the perfect time to do a little career exploration. High school students who are looking ahead towards the college admissions process, should also start thinking about potential college majors. Looking into different career options is a great way to help narrow down your interests.

Choosing a Major, Choosing Career–Taking the Stress Out

Today a client and I had a long conversation about how to report her intended college  major on her applications.  She has been stressing out about it.  She has many,  many interests and an equal number of talents.  And she just can’t decide what to be when she grows up. I told her to join […]