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college planning

October is College Application Month in Colorado

College in Colorado (CIC) has designated October as College Application Month. Read this blog post to learn more about CIC's free college-planning website that's available for all students, not just those living in Colorado.

Are You a High School Junior? It’s Time For The PSAT!

The PSAT is a great jump start to your standardized testing preparation for the college admissions process. Not only does it give you the chance to practice for the SAT, it gives you access to scholarship searches, and college information.

The Campus Visit–Considering A College’s Surroundings

Previous articles in this series on visiting college campuses have focused on some general tips, practicalities, the official campus tour, and the admissions information session. When touring a campus, it’s important to remember that in choosing a college you are also choosing the community in which the college or university exists.  So make time during […]

Educational Consulting Helps Parent and Student Sort Out What's Best

Sometimes clients hire me thinking that the path is completely clear. Then after weeks of probing conversations, guided research, and creation of a list of criteria, the path suddenly takes an unexpected–but very welcome turn.  In this short video, a parent describes what she didn’t know as she embarked on this process, and her satisfaction […]

Educational Consultant Helps Student Prepare for College Admission

Different students need different sorts of help as they navigate the college admission process.  In this short video, one of my clients explains that individually tailored college planning helped him to identify some schools that he was really excited about, and then gave him the tools to bring out the best in himself. The result?  […]